WAPA supports education to reduce illiteracy, stigmatization and vulnerability across generations.

Education (SDGs 4, 5, 10 and 16) is undoubtedly the most powerful tool to tackle the world’s biggest problems. WAPA wants to support education to reduce illiteracy, stigmatization and transgenerational vulnerability, thereby consolidating peace by creating an educated community.

Our objectives

  • Scholarships to fund good education (primary and secondary) for children in very vulnerable situations (ex-child soldiers, children of ex-child soldiers, widows and orphans, female heads of households, etc.) in order to combat inequalities in this area;

  • Ensure that all aspects of training are financed: meals, transportation, troubleshooting, uniforms, shoes, school bags, textbooks, etc.

  • Offer girls the same access to school as boys;

  • Paying for the construction, opening and operating costs of a new kindergarten to be able to offer a complete education package;

  • Promote the culture of peace and nonviolence of world citizenship with dignified and high-quality education.

Some examples of our achievements


Construction of a kindergarten AGAPE


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