This way you can make a difference every month with just one action.
You have two options:
1. Make a monthly donation here
2. Draw up a standing order online with your bank app.
3. You can download this form and send it filled in to your bank.

It is up to you to choose the amount and the date on which the authorization takes effect. You can withdraw or change your authorization at any time.


Would you like to give your company a positive and dynamic image? Are you sensitive to the social impact of your company, recognising a communal responsibility in the implementation of sustainable solutions?

Come on board with your company !




Even after you have passed away, you can make a difference and contribute to a more just world. To be able to leave funds to an organisation you have to make a will. The intervention of a notary or a confidential counselor is not mandatory, but it is recommended to be sure of the validity of the will and compliance with the applicable law of inheritance.


Whether you are hyper-connected, an organizational tiger, or have certain skills, your help is welcome! Let us know, support our campaigns, share clicks, share a link to our website in your emails. Meet people, strengthen our teams in the field during our actions or lend a hand in logistics, for example by providing rooms or a trailer. Do you like photography or video? Then help us with our communication campaigns. Do you like numbers, computers and the like? Give us a hand in administration or IT. Whoever you are, contact Lara.


  • Your donation is precious and we make it a point of honor to work according to principles of transparency and good governance.
    For us every euro counts. WAPA reserves the right to allocate funds to projects according to needs and emergencies. 

  • We have a small-scale association, which means that we have met our partners personally and that we maintain regular contact with them. We prefer projects that provide concrete and sustainable aid in regions that have suffered from years of armed conflict.
    WAPA is officially recognized by the FPS Finance as an institution that assists developing countries.

  • WAPA is officially recognized by the FPS Finance as an institution that assists developing countries.
    Starting from € 40 per year, your donations are tax deductible up to 60 % and for companies 100% deductible from the tax base.

  • You have the right to be informed! WAPA International adheres to the VEF-AERF Code of Ethics.
    This means that donors, volunteers and employees (or permanent employees) are informed at least annually about the use of the collected funds.

  • Our audited accounts are published in full transparency on

  • In our archive section you will find all our annual reports and overview tables.

  • WAPA makes every effort to allocate your donations to the project of your choice. Nevertheless, WAPA reserves the right to attribute the donations as appropriate according to needs and emergencies in the field.


With this platform you can easily set up a fundraising campaign (sponsoring a sporting achievement, wedding, birthday, baptism, second-hand clothing sales, dinner parties with friends,…) for WAPA and share it with your loved ones. You can also join a pre-existing campaign.