#4. A future through education

The most vulnerable children (children of former child soldiers, very young mothers and orphans who have become heads of households) are partially supported (school equipment, access to medical centres, etc.) or fully supported (monthly payments including study grants, medication and transport, etc.). These children, who have dropped out of school, also get together weekly (drawing, theatre, role-playing) in order to recreate a social connection.

We met Francis, 16 years old, educated to age 11. Orphaned (both parents were child soldiers), he became head of his household two years ago and today is the sole carer for his little brother and sister. Lacking income, his education has ended permanently.
His challenge: to feed his family, go to school every day and also give his siblings access to education for a better future.

Thanks to the €100/month donation of your WAPA TEAM BUILDERS' TEAM, we are able to finance on a annual basis : 

School fees for 7 children or 60€/month 
Uniforms for 7 children or 11€/month 
School material for 7 children or 9€/month
Allowance (food, transport, medicines, etc.) for 1 child or 20€/month 


Would you support this programme? Make a standing order on BE73 3631 2334 7260 - Communication : wtb/n° team/n° 4.


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Discover our programme

Discover our programme



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