The education programme identifies the most vulnerable children, targeting children

• of former child soldiers
• of very young mothers
• who have become heads of households because they have lost both parents

The vulnerabilities to which these children are exposed are most often access to healthcare and education, a healthy diet and the acquisition of basic skills.
Furthermore, the programme aims to bring children who are not in school together every week, or during the holidays, to learn basic skills, put on plays, draw, create a children’s club dealing with problems such as HIV/AIDS in order to recreate a social connection.

In the short term, the two medical centres address their healthcare needs: vaccinations, worming treatments, medication, tests, psychological consultations, etc.

In the medium term, the association will endeavour to address all of their needs in terms of education, by, depending on the living standards of the beneficiaries:


• partial assistance, paying their registration fees for school and their exercise books, text books, uniforms, school bags, etc.
• full assistance, paying them an allocation of €30 per month including a study grant, transport, school equipment, hygiene products, medication and a little pocket money. 

This amount may vary depending on the quality of the school and the family’s means. Beneficiaries are primary and secondary school children.

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