WAPA is active in the foundation of development: health care and welfare.

Healthcare (SDG3) is one of the most crucial human development goals. Before starting socio-economic reintegration, it must be ensured that the medical, mental and social condition of the target group improves (or is maintained).

Our objectives

  • Care, treatment and support of patients in our health centers with (sexually) communicable and non-communicable diseases (malaria, chronic diarrhea, etc.);

  • Quick access to high-quality medicines at affordable prices through a small, regularly stocked pharmacy;

  • Strengthen maternal and baby care (pre- and postnatal follow-up, childbirth, family planning, vaccination of babies, etc.) with two maternity hospitals at each center;

  • Guidance of patients with extensive psychosocial follow-up with the possibility to forward them if necessary to other programs better adapted to their needs (holistic approach).

Some examples of our achievements

Unyama maternity




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