Do you remember the beginning of WAPA? Our presentation video from 6 years ago? So much has changed since then … We were a little younger, and our video was super original ?.

What hasn’t changed in 6 years is your support! From the beginning we owe this WAPA adventure to you!

We did it together … The development of 20 projects in collaboration with 3 local partners (Uganda since 2013, Sri Lanka since 2017, Colombia since 2018), improving the living conditions of hundreds of beneficiaries, the success of many WAPA events, … we shared so many incredible moments! THANK YOU !

Today Covid-19 is turning all of our plans upside down. Economic unemployment and cost reduction are the key words, but that is not enough. Our budget forecasts are disrupted, our jobs and activities are threatened. Once again we need your generosity to weather these uncertain times of crisis and ensure the continuity of our association.

We therefore appeal to you, dear WAPA community, by launching an emergency campaign!

Help us to save WAPA and overcome this crisis! We need you! If you have 5, 10, 20, 100 € to offer, consider making a donation through our emergency crowdfunding. Do not hesitate to share this link with all your contacts!

THANK YOU in advance THANK YOU for your generosity and unconditional support! Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

The WAPA’s


With this platform you can easily set up a fundraising campaign (sponsoring a sporting achievement, wedding, birthday, baptism, second-hand clothing sales, dinner parties with friends,…) for WAPA and share it with your loved ones. You can also join a pre-existing campaign.