WAPA International has been fighting for 10 years to save the lives of child soldiers involved in armed conflict and for their reintegration into stronger communities.

Despite our struggle, thousands of child soldiers were still killed worldwide last year. So many lives were ended. So many graves dug. The same number of minutes of silence that went unnoticed….

This is where the musical project “Chut” was born.

Chut is an album.

Chut is 10 artists.

Chut is 10 times 1 minute of silence to make the cause of child soldiers heard.

Thank you to the artists who donated their silence. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project and thank you to everyone reading this who supports the Chut project.

Follow us on Spotify and at wapainternational.org/en/ to share this album to make as many Belgians as possible aware of the fate of child soldiers.

Thank you


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