WAPA’s round-the-world trip in 35 000 KM ! 

Make an end of the trip, alone or in team, on foot, by bike, on horseback, by motorbike, swimming, paddle, sailboat, 4×4 …
Become an ambassador of the trip and for each kilometer, get your entourage to sponsor you (min. 500 € / challenge)!

How ?

1. Register at
2. Start your challenge4WAPA promotion and set your financial target (min. € 500)
3. Personalize your action with a photo and description (distance, discipline, team members …)
4. If you take on the challenge as a team, invite your teammates to participate in the promotion via the “settings” tab.
5. Get sponsored by your friends by sharing the URL of your promotion with them (WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, mail, sms, etc.)

From € 40, donations are tax-deductible up to 60%

Join the challenge4WAPA on Strava!
Download the app to calculate the number of kilometres travelled and follow the route of your teammates.

Travel Dates

March 15

Mai 31


With this platform you can easily set up a fundraising campaign (sponsoring a sporting achievement, wedding, birthday, baptism, second-hand clothing sales, dinner parties with friends,…) for WAPA and share it with your loved ones. You can also join a pre-existing campaign.