#3. Micro-loans or the prospect of financial independence

Micro-loans (between €27 and €135) are granted to women to enable them to launch an income-earning activity and improve their standard of living, as well as that of their family. Training includes professional training (artisan, agriculture, etc.) entrepreneurial skills, leadership skills, economic culture and literacy classes.

We met 67 year old Grace, a farmer, 10 children (5 of which are fostered orphans). Two of her children were kidnapped and enrolled by the rebel Group of the LRA.

Her challenge: to support the needs of her large family: feed them, vary their diet, have access to healthcare, provide professional training for her children and send the youngest to school.

Thanks to the €100/month donation of your WAPA TEAM BUILDERS' TEAM, we are able to finance on a annual basis : 

Training for 35 women or 36€/month 
Trainer or 64€/month 

Would you like to support this programme ? Make a standing order on BE73 3631 2334 7260 - Communication : wtb/n° team/n° 3.


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Discover our programme

Discover our programme




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