Dairy farming

#2. What about changing a family’s life with a cow?

The idea is to give a family a cow and suitable training. Through sales of cow’s milk, a family can diversify its nutrition, educate its children, obtain access to healthcare and even save money!

We met 28 year old Nighty, who has been in this programme since 2012, has 3 children, is a war orphan and was internally displaced.

Her challenge: to support her family’s needs by giving her children the best: varied diet, education, access to healthcare and savings. Increasing the number of head of cattle.

Thanks to the €100/month donation of your WAPA TEAM BUILDERS' TEAM, we are able to finance on a annual basis : 

1 cow or 58€/month 
1 transport or 7€/month 
1 training or 20€/month 
1 bike or 8€/month 
1 vet service or 7€/month 



Would you like to support this programme? Make a standing order on BE73 3631 2334 7260 - Communication : wtb/n° team/n° 2. 

Discover our programme
Discover our programme

Discover our programme


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