Health care

#1 Health care for everyone

Two medical centres (Agonga & Unyama) specialised in maternity and infant care address the needs of the most underprivileged: general healthcare, vaccinations, laboratory testing, HIV/AIDS screening, psycho-social consultations, care for infectious illnesses (malaria, tuberculosis, etc.), pre and post-natal care, births, etc.

We met 21 year old Debra, pregnant with her first child. While she was undergoing tests for malaria, Debra was urgently looking for toilets. But labour had begun. Seeing that she was very weak, the centre’s nurse suggested she sit on a bench and gave her a basin. Just a few moments after sitting down, the young woman gave birth to a baby boy, with the help of our nurse.

Her challenge: to give birth with dignity, with access to pre and post-natal care and healthcare for herself and her children.

Thanks to the €100/month donation of your WAPA TEAM BUILDERS' TEAM, we are able to finance on a annual basis : 

Antenatal care  for 35 women or  11,50€/month 
Deliveries for 35 women or 35€/month 
Full vaccination for 50 babies or 12,50€/month 
Malaria treatment for 75 children or 12,50€/month 
HIV/aids testing for 17 patients or 28,5€/month 

Would you like to support this programme ? Make a standing order on BE73 3631 2334 7260 - Communication : wtb/n° team/n° 1.



Discover our programme
Discover our programme

Discover our programme



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