Children's game


We thank the movies : Vendôme, Gembloux, Ciné stuart, Galerie de la Reine for showing our short-film and Cinelab for their technical support! 
Usually, the guns that children brandish are plastic and shoot nothing more than water or soft foam balls. But for more than 300,000 children, these weapons are not dummies. For more than 300,000 children in the world, war is not a game.

How can the public be made aware of the issue of child soldiers and ex-child soldiers?
Victorine Michel and Florine Perpète have made a short awareness-raising film: "Children's game" (length: 3 min). It compares the life of a small boy soldier with that of children living in countries at peace like ours. These children are lucky to have a family and friends. They go to school, they have a roof over their heads. While this young soldier has to go to war in order to survive.

This short film, self-financed and completely voluntary, was shot throughout Belgium (Tervuren, Nivelles, Modave, Plainevaux, Seraing) with young actors from all over Belgium.

The idea came to them when seeing their young seven-year-old cousin playing with plastic guns.

Who are they? 
Two long-standing friends, from Liège and Huy, sharing the same passion: to express themselves. "First it was the theatre that united us, and now it’s the production of short films, essentially in the area of raising awareness, that unites us".

What can you do? 

Help us to raise awareness about the child soldiers issue by sharing this short film through facebook, twitter or via e-mail to your contacts. You can already make a difference by talking about it !

WAPA supports the re-integration of people victim of war amongst whom many ex-child soliders and their children in Northern Uganda. 
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Would you like to know more about the issue of child soldiers and the reasons why WAPA has decided to support re-integration programs ?   

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