No mother should die whilst giving life!

Just a few weeks ago, Anena, a young 32 year old expectant mother was rushed to the health centre, she could not walk because she was in labour early in the morning. Anena spent the whole night in labour because there was no transport to bring her to the health centre, in the middle of the night. She was brought to the Karin Medical Centre because it is the nearest health facility to her home. Although the village health volunteer, Okema knew that we are unable to provide delivery services for this lady. He hoped that we would save her somehow, since the next delivery health centre is miles away. When the medical team examined her, they realised that Anena needed more help than could be provided at the Karin medical Centre. She needed emergency care immediately. Luckily for her, Anena was taken to another health facility that could deal with her situation. The whole medical team were so distraught to witness this situation. They reported that many mothers have to go through these challenges because there is inadequate health care in the community. 

“We all started with that spirit: There is no reason a woman should die during pregnancy or giving birth.”

The severe delays in transferring the mother and baby can leave the baby or the mother in a critical state. We feel that a mother should not die giving life, nor should the baby die because its mother could not access health care!
We can avoid these situations with your support, by completing the maternity ward. And ensuring that it is equipped and managed by well-trained medical professionals.

A journey of many miles begins with a single step
The Karin Medical Health Centre has taken many determined steps in the journey to improve the quality of care to the community, thanks to the leadership of the incharge Benna Aguti, the clinician-in-charge.
The health of a mother impacts the family and the entire community. Like many developing countries, Uganda has high maternal mortality rates. Uganda’s maternal mortality ratio; the annual number of deaths of women from pregnancy-related causes per 100,000 live births, stands at 435 (UNICEF 2012).
In the last one year since the opening of the health centre, Benna has delivered six emergency babies. “It was tough,” she recalled having to work with barely any delivery equipment. 
Benna says that it is important that a maternity centre is constructed. It will help save many mothers and their babies. For now, the health centre is encouraging mothers to regularly attend antenatal care and ensure that they are immunised for Tetanus. They also ensure that all their clients are referred to a nearby health facility ready for delivery. “We are not going to accept any maternal deaths,” said Benna. “We all started with that spirit—that there is no reason a woman should die during pregnancy or giving birth.”
Your contributions and support have made all of this progress possible, but the struggle isn’t over. Northern Uganda is still one of the most challenging places in the world to become a mother, and we need you to recruit more support for our cause.

When potential supporters hear us talking about why they should make a donation today, they listen. But when your friends and family hear you talk about our work as someone who is already a supporter and knows that we are making a difference, they’ll act.

Mrs Hope Okeny 
Executive Director - Karin Community Initiatives Uganda

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