Micro loans

Here too women are the beneficiaries of the programme and they all agree: once their business has started, they can quickly support their family’s needs, with improved diet, access to healthcare and education.

A micro-loan costs the association on average UGX 300,000 or 87 euros. Beneficiaries have six months to repay the loan. Often their activity involves the sale of products such as rice, corn or vegetables, but all other initiatives are encouraged, such as opening a bar or the sale of artisanal products.

Karin provides micro loans because we are committed to working with the very poor — people who are unable to obtain a microloan because they do not have the sufficient collateral to get a loan from the traditional banks. 

Focusing on women, we have noted that the majority report that, once they have launched their businesses, they are able to provide better nutrition, health care and education for their families. It is a group of women who have different challenges; they joined the group to better their lives. Many of them are already involved in micro and small entrepreneurship.

Some members are on the very first step or have not even found the confidence to start up any business. Regardless of where our clients start, the micro loans offer them a range of services to keep them on them out of poverty.

This loan program consists of four steps that together constitute the core programs through which our clients work with our staff and volunteers to pull themselves out of poverty and into a financially secure future for themselves and their families. All along the way, clients are not only participating in the loan programs, but are being "accompanied" with education, training, and other important innovative services, like health education and care.

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