Health care

Two small medical centres, one in the village of Agonga, the other in the village of Unyama, (Gulu district) try to address the needs of the neighbouring communities. The first medical centre opened in 2005, during the war, and the second in 2012, whilst the association has been working since 2003 to encourage individuals, families and communities to exercise their right to access to healthcare and education.   

The aim of the medical centres is to be a vector for heightening population awareness, enabling them to address their healthcare needs: vaccinations, worming treatments, general healthcare, laboratory testing, HIV/AIDS screening and psychological consultations, care for infectious illnesses, transfers to hospitals able to care for prevention of transmission of HIV from mother to child and antiretroviral medicines.   

Furthermore, the incredible work of volunteers (VHT - village health team) from the communities and in continuous training has a very positive impact within communities. The volunteers travel, visiting families who trust them. Mother and child mortality have decreased in both communities because mothers are encouraged to give birth in hospital and are therefore cared for if complications arise.




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