People are good!

Birthdays, welcoming babies into the world, baptism, weddings, dinners, events for WAPA ? 

Are you interested in changing the world as well ? Or at least make it a better place to live in ? Good news, there are so many ways to contribute without spending money. 

Indeed, instead of receiving dozens of flowers or champaign bottles ask for your friends and family to make a donation to WAPA for your birthday. 
Your second (third or fourth) child is born ? You don't really need anything ? Why don't you open a birth list in the name of your child and try to fundraise enough money to buy a cow and help a family of ex-child soldiers reintegrate society ? 
Do you have ideas you'd like to share or contacts that could/would help us?
Would you like to organise a dinner, a sportsevent or a fundraising event with your company or your school ? 
Anything is possible ! We are juste a phone call (or e-mail) away...

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