Charidy: 24h to support ex-child soldiers


WAPA International needs your help so that together we can continue to support the reintegration of former child soldiers into post-conflict countries or countries on the road to peace.

Even today, hundreds of thousands of girls and boys[1], under the age of 18, are used by armed forces or armed groups as fighters, cooks, porters, messengers, spies or for sexual purposes, ... This plague still affects more than twenty countries.

Victims but sometimes also perpetrators themselves. Due to a lack of resources and a long-term vision, the reintegration of former child soldiers into their families and communities is a complex, sometimes even impossible, process.

To effectively re-integrate these former child soldiers and break this vicious circle, it is not only essential to invest in an individual, sustainable and tailor-made (flexible) support, but also in the support of their families and their communities.

WAPA wanted to do something about this. WAPA encourages their reintegration after the conflict,  while focusing on three pillars: 

-       health and well-being (psychological and social support, ...);
-       high-quality education (school and professional education, ...);
-       ensure the means of support

By joining our crowdfunding campaign today, you will provide our missions in Uganda, Sri Lanka and Colombia with the means to help almost 150 former child soldiers.

With 75,000 euros we can:

  • Help 30 Colombian teenagers with art therapy.
  • Provide education for 50 Ugandan children.
  1. Provide a job:by training 40 young Sri Lankan women and helping them to start a business;
  2. by training 30 young Ugandans in the dairy industry.

 This is the moment to change the lives of these young people who have been hit by an armed conflict they did not choose to be a part of and to create thereby a lasting process of solidarity.


Every donated euro is QUADRUPLED! A DONATION OF € 1 = € 4 PAYED TO WAPA. This is possible thanks to the support of generous business partners who help us reach our goal of raising € 75,000. Remember the basic rule of crowdfunding: it is EVERYTHING or NOTHING, we achieve 100% of the goal we set within 24 hours, or every donor gets their money back.

Your donation allows us to support the reintegration of former child soldiers, thereby initiating the reconstruction of their future.

Already 150x THANKS!

Thanks to our solidarity partners:


250.000 according to Unicef in 2016


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