Change a family's life with a cow!

WAPA International needs your help so that together we reconnect with the "essential".

Join us today to restore human dignity to men and women, former child soldiers, former war brides, widows, displaced persons and children born in captivity in Northern Uganda, a region that experienced 20 years of civil war between 1986 and 2006.

WAPA encourages the most vulnerable families to create an income-generated plan, thanks in particular to raising dairy cows. The benefits are many: diversify the family's diet, provide education for children, have access to health care and save money.

With 50,000 euros, we will be able to offer dairy cows to the 15 first farmers currently waiting, enlarge the current model barn for breeding while improving the breed of local cows. They'll also be able to add 5 cows to existing livestock so that within 3 years they are able to produce their own breeding at a higher yield and thus create a circle of prosperity.

It's time to change the life of a family with a cow and restore their dignity and financial independence to support their families. Isn't this the most important thing we can offer these families? Support our goal of raising 50,000 euros!


Every euro paid  on the platform during the campaign will be TRIPLED! 1 euro = 3 euros paid to this project, thanks to the support of generous partners who are working to help us reach our goal.

Remember: this campaign is ALL or NOTHING! We must raise 100% of the goal in 24 hours or none of the donations will be processed.

Your donation will enable us to support the reintegration of war victims (former child soldiers, widows, orphans, and internally displaced persons) and thus enable them to rebuild their future.

Thank you so much 




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