Some of our achievements


In Uganda, we are active in the following areas:
> health care (basic, child and maternal care, prevention, immunization, family planning, treatment of HIV and malaria, psychosocial monitoring, ...),
> socio-economic reintegration (dairy industry, micro-loans, etc.)
> education (including scholarships)
> the construction of infrastructures (maternity, kindergarten, model farm, ...)

Construction of a model barn
Purchase of cows
Salaries of the farm staff
Parcel of land for the farm
Well for the model farm
Silot for the food storage
Construction of the farm manager's house
Training for the future farmers
Purchase of a medical vehicle
Emergency for a malaria epidemic
Construction of a maternity in Unyama
Salary of the medical staff
Basic medical equipment
Fridge with solar panels
Purchase of mama-kits
Restoration of the training centre
Construction of a kindergarten AGAPE
School scholarships

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, we are active in the following areas:
> socio-economic reintegration (micro-loans and livelihoods)
> education (including scholarships)
> infrastructure construction (training and production center)

Training and Production Center for Women Heads of Family
Micro-loans and livelihoods to start a revenue-generating activity


In Colombia, we are active in the following areas:
> health care - psychosocial monitoring through art, ...

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