WOMEN4WAPA - season 2

Season 2 finally arrives! - Extraordinary women build maternity

After 20 years of civil war, the population in northern Uganda has been left behind. It lacks everything and especially the right to give birth with dignity is absent for women. Same scenario but different scenery: Agonga, a few km from Gulu. And this time, 50 new protagonists: extraordinary women who develop ideas to raise at least 1,000 euros each! Perhaps we will have the honour of seeing some of the heroines from last season make their comeback?


Do you want to become a protagonist of this new adventure, too?

Allow women to give birth with dignity in a new maternity!
Do you want to contribute and support one of these women? Donate * to the account of WAPA International BE 73 3631 2334 7260

Communication: W4W2 + name of W4W* tax deduction from 40 € / year (Belgium).
*From 40 € per year, your donations are tax deductible up to 45% (Belgium).


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