20km of Brussels

Do you want to sweat for Charity?
Run the 20km of Brussels for WAPA!

It is nowadays a cult event, since 1980 courageous joggers brave the streets of the Belgian capital. The 20 km through Brussels is not only a personal challenge, it is also a great opportunity to support charities. And as you will understand that is exactly what WAPA offers you!

Why would you run for the WAPA team?

This year, WAPA needs YOU to raise a total of € 10,000 to allow 50 Ugandan children to go to school.

As you may know, Uganda has for many years been the victim of various civil wars. These wars are disastrous for the entire population, but children in particular suffer. They have been deprived of their family, their education and their youth. The most recent war, waged by the LRA rebel group, caused, besides displaced persons, abuse, sexual violence, mutilation, etc, the recruitment of 35,000 to 60,000 child soldiers. Despite the fact that this war ended a few years ago, we see today that these, now grown up, children have failed to rebuild their lives. They now lack the means to send their own children to school. WAPA wants to break this vicious circle, but cannot do it without your help!

Back to school

For a child in Gulu, in northern Uganda, only € 200 is needed to finance a school grant for a year. This includes: registration fees, school material, uniform, shoes, school bag and lunch.

So imagine what we can do together ... That's why we ask each runner to raise at least € 100 with his family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, etc. With this easy-to-reach sum, you and your acquaintances can let a child go to school for 6 months! Here you will find many tips for a successful fundraising.

We will take care of you! 

We arrange everything for you:

-       Your registration for the run;
-       Retrieving your back number;
-       Making a beautiful T-shirt that will make all other runners jealous;
-       A warm welcome before and after your effort;
-       And of course something to quench your thirst after the race.




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