Post-conflict countries

Why does WAPA choose to work in post-conflict countries?

Armed conflicts are the reality in almost all the regions of the world with revolting and dramatic consequences.
Civil populations always pay a heavy price with death and invalidity. Moreover, thousands of people become refugees either by crossing the boarders of by finding a place in IDP (internally displaced people) camps.

These conflicts breed war crimes, aggressions and other atrocities: child soldiers, sexual crimes on children, women and men(!), mutilations and torture,... When civil wars are over, the suffering and the challenges continue: famine, illnesses, poverty, expropriation, stigmatisation, depression, lack of schooling,...

The people lose everything, including their human dignity.

Rebuilding a society is crucial : with reconciliation and peace as absolute aims, our objective is to help victims of war with psycho-social and medical support as well as the opportunity to play again a socio-economical role in the society.

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