Child soldiers

The problematic of child soldiers in the world

> Between 250.000 and 300.000 girls and boys in more than 20 countries
> The Congo, Chad, India, Philippines, Myanmar, Syria, Iraq,...
> Forced or "voluntary" recruitment (out of vengeance or for economic reasons,...) within rebel groups or in regular armies
> Fighters, cooks, carriers, messengers, spies, sexual slaves,...
> Advantages: cheap, manipulable, vulnerable,...

Many children are killed on the battlefield. For the children who do survive, the physical and psychological consequences (injuries, sexual trauma's,...) are dramatic.

Moreover, from victims they have often become perpetrators. This is the reason why their integration in their family and community is a very complex process - sometimes impossible- because of the lack of means as well as a long-term vision. The trauma's, the shame and guilt often lead to situations where there is no solution left: they are recruited again, become criminals or live a life of prostitution. Some disappear of commit suicide.

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