Like every year, on 12th February we remember the existence of a lasting phenomenon: the recruitment of children as soldiers. Their number is estimated at over 250,000. They are distributed among twenty countries worldwide.

Appalled by this scandal, WAPA International is fighting for the reintegration of former child soldiers by funding healthcare, socio-economic reintegration and educational programmes in Uganda and Sri Lanka.

Today, thanks to our new campaign #30FACESFORWAPA, we want to highlight the numerous Belgians fighting for the reintegration of former child soldiers and other victims of war (widows, orphans, internally displaced persons, mutilated people, etc.).

You are donors, volunteers, entrepreneurs, collect donations on your birthday, at your marriage, run, paddle or play football.

We know, after 5 years' existence, that our work in the field would be in vain without your support and your commitment. We want you to know that we are infinitely grateful to you for it.

From February 12, every day for one month, a face will be broadcasted on social media (facebooktwitterinstagram).

PS: if you want to get involved with WAPA, contact us on 0472 488 691 ou solveig@wapainternational.org

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