Carried both by a conviction that it was indispensable to transform a deep indignation into action whilst offering the public something to identify with, rather than feel guilty about, the association WAPA International (War-Affected People's Association) was established on 8 August 2013 by Solveig Vinamont and Véronique Cranenbrouck, two young women in their thirties, friends, who were passionate and determined.
Our project is a little crazy: give a new face to cooperation, the face of subsidiarity! WAPA’s mission is to raise funds to support small local associations fighting for the reintegration of victims of war (former child soldiers, war widows, orphans…) in post-conflict countries across the world and thereby reinforce local capacities. The first project was in Gulu, in northern Uganda, a country ravaged by almost 20 years of armed conflict.


Our Story

We are passionate about the world of voluntary work but appalled by the lack of sustainable solutions brought to post-conflict countries. As founders of WAPA, we are determined to bring structural aid to support initiatives of local populations wishing to reconstruct their country ravaged by years of war. The problem of child soldiers is intrinsically linked to armed conflicts and the consequences are matters that we have always held close to our hearts. Far from that which large institutional structures do, our wish is to build a project with a human face, through subsidiarity!

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