Priya or restoring women's dignity after war

Priya is a fictional character built from stories that Tamil women told us when we went to Northern Sri Lanka for our exploratory mission in January 2017. 


Former child soldiers, ex-combatants, they become women-headed households after war.  Abandoned, widows, or whose husbands are dead, handicapped or missing after the fightings, they need to care alone for the entire family. They are more than 45,000 in the Northern region of the country. All these « Priya’s » fight hard to recover their human dignity and sustain for their needs and those of their children.

To support over a hundred of these women, we have decided to help them make two of their projects a reality: the creation of a training and production center, a place to work and learn about marketing, stock management and accounting that is suitable and safe and the development of income-generating activities.

To finance the construction of the center, we have decided in partnership with Charidy, an online American crowdfunding platform, to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

If you want to support these Sri Lankan women, you can make your donation here !  

Help us reach our goal and make this project a reality ! 

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